Mus 121 final

Attendance at weekly performance class is required of all organ majors, and will include the study of improvisation, figured bass, solo accompanying, congregational accompanying, performance practice, arranging, organ design and history, and organ literature.

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Fall, Spring This second course of a four-course series focuses on intermediate-level preparation and performance of small group jazz. Students will also engage the teaching of the Church on sacred music in order to understand the place of Gregorian chant in the modern Church.

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May not be counted toward the majors or minor in music. Development of skills in written notation through use of computerized programs. In other words, it is quite conservative within old taxonomic lineages but admits non-pathogenic isoleucine.

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Unlike Introduction to Gregorian Chant, this course will be a more aggressive engagement with Gregorian Chant and its context in the liturgy and the fruits of this course will augment the musical offerings of the Schola Cantorum on and off campus.

Music (MUS)

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This course will augment the practical experience gained in the Schola Cantorum while allowing the four experienced church musicians on staff to offer their instruction to the future generation of church musicians.

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Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Music and Recording Media

Marching band members are also encouraged to take the course to build skills and leadership. Their set of links is worth a look however.

MATH 121: Precalculus

This is the first of two courses that addresses the keyboard competency policy for non-piano majors.This is the fourth and final of a four-part sequence: MUSMUSMUSand MUS Course Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to do the following: demonstrate correct singing techniques; and.

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MUS Introduction To Listening does not satisfy the fine arts (FA) general education requirement for music majors. At the beginning of the senior year, the student, in consultation with the music adviser, selects a faculty adviser for the senior project, which is usually a substantial paper on a historical or theoretical topic.

4 C Final semester 1 C Final semester C Final semester HUM Senior Assessment 0 P Final semester BA Music Requirements Ensembles and lessons count toward Total Liberal Arts Credits Students must earn a minimum grade of B- in applied music and ensembles, a minimum grade of C in other required MUS courses MUS Sight Singing/Ear.

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College Catalog 2018-2019

Music | Academic Advising Handbook. MUS Class Piano 1cr. MUS Into to MIDI Lab 1cr. MUS Class Voice 1cr. for more details All music majors and minors in applied music enrolled must perform a jury during final exams, and meet departmental objectives for their lesson levels.

All other students may be asked to perform a jury at.

Mus 121 final
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