Actor showreel editing services

Learn How it Works. He was very collaborative. It is to our knowledge that all footage featured on this website is within legal copyright laws and all the actors feature own the rights to display there image. The little touches are what meant the most to me though; helping me to find the right actors, writing pieces based on my look as well as my preferences, advising me on what's best for me, and of course all the support you gave.

The Process

No copyright Infringement has been intended and measures were taken to prevent Infringement from taking place. Returning customers pay a discounted rate. You can get a showreel one of two ways.

They created a lovely relaxed working atmosphere and were attentive to what I wanted to achieve. Their knowledge on what makes a good showreel is unparalleled. Word to the wise; trust Chris creatively.

For more information please watch examples of our showreelsor download our brochure. How it works Having a showreel can be the difference between getting an audition and not these days. I finally have a showreel that I am proud to send out to agents and casting directors.

My career is now full of new opportunities and exciting times ahead thanks to Chris. Most showreels can be edited within a week! The most efficent edit possible. A good specialist editor knows what works, and Anthony has helped to develop the tv and film careers of many successful actors, from series regular roles in tv, to major roles in Academy Award-winning films.

Learn How it Works. He provides a high quality service and keeps you informed of the work throughout. He was my first and always will be my go-to for reels! What makes the best showreel for actors? Good scripts, direction and very professional. Jenny is currently filming season three of The Worst Witch.

I had a thrill filming the scenes we worked on, and I have received a great amount of work since. The quality and professionalism of their work is superb.


Rachel Shenton 'I am a huge fan of Chris' work - he understands actors and what's needed to make a showreel work. The quality of the scripts, cinematography and editing rival many other professional companies.

Jenny Richardson Jenny Richardson — Showreel The actors, costumes and locations were perfect for my scenes.

Editing Packages

How can we do this? I really appreciate all the work you've done for me and in such a short space of time. These guys have a brilliantly sickening work ethic - they are unbelievably professional, but simultaneously warm and friendly.

Actor Showreel Production

Getting an agent or that first big break can take time; time to perfect your art, time to build up a decent acting showreel, time to get casting directors to recognise you. Anthony Holmes has nearly 20 years experience as a specialist editor of acting reels, working with actors, agents and casting directors in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

The equipment used was very professional and I am pleased with the final footage. He provides a high quality service and keeps you informed of the work throughout.

If for any reason a video is breaching copyright laws for whatever reason it will be removed upon request immediately.

Chris has an eye for all aspects of the scene. Casting directors have frequently commented on the strength of my showreel. He is friendly, efficient and knows exactly what he's doing.

In my opinion he is the best in the business. Cas is currently starring in The Expanse series regularNobility series regularhas recently starred in The Strain series regularand will be seen starring alongside Martin Freeman and Diane Kruger in upcoming feature film The Operative.

It's always a great pleasure to work with him.

Showreel Editing

You need to make sure you have the best, CV, headshot and showreel to give you the best chance to stand out from the crowd and create more oppertunites.Actor Showreels It can be a challenge for an actor to get noticed and selected for auditions.

A carefully edited showreel of excerpts from past performances is a great tool for demonstrating talent and helping to get future work. Actors Apparel Actors Apparel are an award winning Showreel Company who have helped countless actors gain that vital leading edge in a highly competitive industry.

Brochure. Actors showreels, Actor showreel services, showreel editing examples, shooting from scratch showreels. If you’re an actor and you want to work in the film/television industry you should have a showreel.

A showreel is a short video clip that shows you at your very best. It highlights your strengths and puts you in the best possible light to agents and casting directors.

Contact me to talk about your footage. Welcome to Shine Showreels – Actor showreel editing company for London and UK. Do you want your clips edited into a punchy showreel?

Individual Scene

Do you want a reel you’ll be completely happy with – something you’ll be proud to send out? Professional actor showreel editing company for Serious Actors “Having a showreel is my biggest piece of advice to an actor.

If I have a space to fill in a casting and am going to take a chance on an actor I don’t know, I will go to the person I can watch at work.”.

Actor showreel editing services
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