A description of a museum report

Even if we go to an art gallery or museum, we are simply at a rush to see one after another all the things and just pass by the artifacts displayed. I did not know that the visit would be so captivating. I was very impressed with the fact that most of them are original and not a cheap replication of the pottery, something which many museums and even large gas stations are resorting to in order to make more money.

It reminds us of our glorious past and a journey through the museum actually gives a full glimpse of the history of Assam. The museum is impressive for many reasons, the least of which is the draw it has to many ethnic groups.

Your museum report should include the following information at the top: Some examples of this: For example, when was the Arkansas Gazette founded and what was its role in the early history of the state?

Many people visit museums when they travel abroad. What are the factors that affected their decision-making process? If I were to ask a question on the final I am not saying I willthat included in part the following: Name of Museum Visited: In the sculpture section are the life-size statues of Gautama Buddha and idols of gods and goddesses.

A Trip to the Museum: From Picture to Story

They have great historical and cultural value. New galleries have also been added such as the Woodcraft gallery and Natural history gallery. The late twentieth century witnessed intense debate concerning the repatriation of religious, ethnic, and cultural artifacts housed in museum collections.

Articles of other countries teach the oneness of human race. According to her, land development has increased and the land around the mounds shrinking.

Short essay on a visit to museum

One would be foolish indeed to pass up such an opportunity. Collections Management - Collections managers are primarily responsible for the hands-on care, movement, and storage of objects. Here is a list of positions commonly found at museums: In the United States, several Native American tribes and advocacy groups have lobbied extensively for the repatriation of sacred objects and the reburial of human remains.

Describe one of them using the elements of composition and principles of design. When the British Museum opened to the public init was a concern that large crowds could damage the artifacts.

What are the things kept in a museum? Most probably they were on an educational trip.

Museum Reports

A visitor to Hyderabad cannot miss this museum. Exhibition histories[ edit ] The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. This may be because they are too valuable or perhaps to delicate.

It is housed in a huge building, divided into various sections.A museum is a place where one can see rare things collected and kept for show. They have great historical and cultural value.

There is a museum in almost every city. The London Museum is said to be the best in the world. Example of Submitted Museum Visit Summaries Note to Students: The following are examples of summaries of museum visits that a student recently made.

Please note that one should not conclude that every student should see the museums exactly as this student did because each student will have a unique experience. From The Museum of Texas Tech University • General Condition Report - A report designed for a wide range of artifacts that uses a checklist plus remarks to record condition issues.

Registrar (museum)

HOW TO WRITE A MUSEUM REPORT. 1. Your name, class meeting time, and the date you attended the museum. 2.

Visit to a Museum : Essay, Speech, Report, Article, Composition, IELTS Cue Card

State the name of the museum visited. If it.

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Visit to a Museum: Essay, Speech, Report, Article, Composition, IELTS Cue Card “Museums are managers of consciousness. They give us an interpretation of history. A curator's report typically includes a description of the work of art, information about the artist and style, and an explanation as to why the piece is important and should be purchased.

Ask your students to write a three-paragraph curator's report about the work of art they have selected and tell them to attach a picture of the proposed artwork to their summary.

A description of a museum report
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